Getting to Spirit and Nature

Thu, March 2, 2017


1. Start from Solar Kitchen towards the Library
2. From the T-Section after the library turn right towards Araati and then turn left towards Madhuca
3. Keep going down the winding road
4. Take the road with the stone marker saying "Sangha"
5. Keep going down the dirt road...
6. ...until you find yourself at the hairpin turn, and then turn left
7. Here you enter Anusuya forest

PS: If you're on a motorbike, please leave the motorbike by the signboard and walk.

8. After this keep walking down

You will find two small intersections. Keep to the path that is on the right.

9. Spirit and Nature should be on the right

After a 5 minute walk down from the "Anusuya Forest" sign should you should find yourself at Spirit and Nature.

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Published on Thu, March 2, 2017 (a year ago).