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The Learning Community, Auroville

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Vision: To create a community of children and adults who grow more conscious 
by living and learning together. 
We implement ways to practice the concept of Integral Education as defined by Mother and Sri Aurobindo  where each part of the being is helped to grow into its full potential and the psychic being becomes  the leader of one’s life and growth through an unending education.

Samrat, Auroville

Samrat grew up in the Integral Yoga Ashram of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother in Pondichery and lives in Auroville since 18 years. Samrat loves the silence and solitude of the forest while being very involved.


  • Co-caretaker of Spirit & Nature Learning Center
  • Facilitates Open Heart Space Meditation, a simple practice of becoming aware of the reality as it is without judgement, interpretation or reaction, and settling into its vast luminous expanse. Learning to embrace and let go each experience as it arises and subsides. Eventually the mind falls silent and sinks into the open heart-space, a doorway to Unity-consciousness, where the inner and outer worlds meet and merge

Kaliananda, Auroville

Kaliananda's involvement with Spirit & Nature started as an out-flowering of common interest in animal communication and love for the forest. Her presence in Anusuya Forest living at Spirit & Nature inspired her to lead, "Silent walk in the Forest" - an invitation to other Aurovilians to enjoy the simple gifts of engaging our vibrant forest . She collaborates with this mission of Spirit & Nature to function as a connector, a point of contact for to the forest."


  • Silent forest walks

Allyson, Auroville

Allison Lu is an educator and artist involved in dolphin consciousness. She grew up in an island in the Pacific and had deep connection with dolphins since young. Later in her life, she was called by the dolphins and had pre-natal contacts with wild spinners in Hawaii and birthed her child with the blessings of dolphin energies - in love, joy, bliss and freedom.

She shares her birthing experience in her book ‘Dolphin-Empowered Birth’. Today, she spends her time engaged in exploring the science of dolphin-human interspecies communication, dolphin-healing and spirituality in relation to humans. She is based in Auroville, India and travels around the world giving workshops, talks, art exhibitions and retreats.

She is the founder of ‘The Dolphin’s Way’, in which she dedicates her time to illuminate and draw attention to dolphins in human’s spiritual life.


  • Dolphin Way workshops and talks

Pranav, Long term Volunteer

Pranav graduated from Bangalore University and did his Masters from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. He created Bodhi Project in 2017 to realise a vision of business that is alive to things around it. These projects are deeply influenced by his time in the Himalayas and with the Walk of Hope.


  • Volunteer, 2017-2018
  • Website design and maintenance

Patricia Henry, Auroville

Journeying toward connection to Self, Patricia hopes someday to “know”, “see” and “feel” Spirit in all creation. Patricia sometimes facilitates sharings of material related to the new consciousness of the earth's significance and the potential of humans in this play of Spirit and Nature.

Tamille, Auroville bio-region

Tamille takes care of cleanliness, order and much more.

Kusum Dhar Prabhu, Bangalore

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Ymani Simmons, US

Ymani is a Peacemaker, Practitioner for the 13 Laws of LionHearted Leadership™, Spiritual Mentor, Writer, Conservationist, International Facilitator of Workshops and Retreats for spiritual healing, and trip Guide for Wisdom of the Heart, journeys to the White Lions, at the Global White Lion Protection Trust in the heartlands of South Africa. She assists people globally in healing their hearts, embracing loving empowerment and re-membering their true selves and purpose. Through her gentle voice of experience and wisdom, conscious awareness and positive spirit, she provides a safe and sacred container for individuals ready to experience the life they have always envisioned.


  • Co-facilitating White Lion Journeys to South Africa, with Aikya (Next journey planned for April-May 2019)

Supporters of the project

Auroville Arts Service, Auroville

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Linked project

Academy of LionHearted Leadership / The Linda Tucker Foundation, South Africa

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