World Game

Life is a World Game, the World Game is life. All is one.

With the World Game in Auroville, we offer an opportunity to be creative, to be able to express our own individuality and our unique, living soul.

The World Game is about the world and beyond, about the connection between all, all that exists on this earth and in the universe and in what transcends it.

What is the golden link, the connection? For me, it is Sacredness...

Introductions into the Spiritual Dimension of Auroville

In a space of timelesness which allows to listen behind the appearances, we explore Auroville and have glimpses of the history and purpose of Auroville and we look at the life we live here.

World Game in Life

Nature all around is full of messages, nature speaks, and one can learn the language.

Going out on walks, listening to the messages of the birds, of the wind, whichever

Elements may call us: flowers, trees, a dog, a spider, a frog, a crystal, a rock. Connecting from heart to heart. A wonderful journey into deep and magical communication with all things; everything alive ingesting love and respect for the environment, for the earth and its creatures. Sacred communication.

Auroville grew out of a barren plateau, all the trees were planted by early pioneers; now we enjoy a young forest.

I offer a space and time together to explore in concentration, deep listening and play.

Imagination, creativity, intuition are welcomed into the space.

A deep connection to Nature can help the individual come to the heart of things, to a growing love, already involved in all creation, to the One in all.

Flowers and their Messages

I offer introductions where we learn about the spiritual significances of the flowers as told by The Mother- spiritual companion of Sri Aurobindo.

Through small games, cards, guided relaxation and being with the flowers we explore this beautiful psychic world of the flowers.

Creating Sacred space

In the world of forms a violation of Beauty is as great a fault as a violation of Truth in the world of ideas. For Beauty is the worship that Nature offers to the supreme Master of the universe; Beauty is the divine language in form. And a consciousness of the Divine that is not translated outwardly by an understanding and expression of Beauty would be an incomplete consciousness. — The Mother

I cherish beauty in all aspects of life. Not just an external beauty but specially a beauty that comes from the truth within.

I offer my time to explore with you.

World Game in the sand

The World Game, also known as Sandplay, is a wonderful way to know yourself without the use of words.

You are given a box of sand and free access to unusual and appealing objects. Music, flowering gardens, paintings, as well as the presence of the quiet observant facilitator contributes to creating a concentrated atmosphere in which you can tell a story in the sand or express your dream world using a symbolic language.

You are invited to be true to yourself in a natural environment.

Vision Game

The vision game is a process of making a visual representation of your dream, ideal in life, and to engage in a more conscious way with it.

By playing our dream out, we find ourselves in a space which allows the heart to open up.

Nature is our guide to come to clarity.

Other fields of interest:

  • Exploring photography and making short films. –links-
  • Inter Species Communication.

Life is life, whether in a cat, or dog or man. There is no difference there between a cat or a man. The idea of difference is a human conception for man's own advantage.
 — Sri Aurobindo

I deeply relate to animals and plants, and love to explore the beautiful intuitive and natural art of animal communication within my possibilities.

  • White Lions of South Africa

The rare and endangered White Lions are revered by native Africans as the most sacred of all animals. I had the privilege to meet the last remaining white Lions in Timbavati who deeply inspire me in my work. I had the privilege to participate in an intensive training of the 13 Laws of LionHearted Leadership and I’m now an accredited practitioner since December 2017. You can also read everything about this wonderful project and important initiative on the website...

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