Introducing the 13 laws of Lionhearted Leadership

Culminating in a Fundraising for the White Lions in South Africa

I introduced for the first time, a small group of girls to the first 5 laws of Lionhearted Leadership as taught by Linda Tucker from the Global White Lion Protection Trust.

Many different games were played, here just some visual flashes.

"Human nature and Mother Nature are intrinsically connected. By changing our awareness, we alter our environment." – Linda Tucker

First Law: Origination - Follow your Paw-print

Second Law: Appreciation - Celebrate Your Nature

Third Law: Communication - Share the Roar

Fourth Law: Nurturance - Encourage Fresh Growth

The natural culmination was the fifth Law: Radiance - Protect the LionHeart

A small group of TLC girls decided to fundraise for the White Lions in South Africa. Mohini was the driving force behind the initiative after she had done some fundraising for Pandas some years ago. Melusine and Tara were active collaborators.

Linda Tucker and people at the Trust were deeply touched by the fundraising initiative and wrote following message on their Facebookpage.

The NEXT GEN of LionHearted Leadership™!
These little LionHearts gave their own time and resources to raise awareness and funds for the protection of the White Lions! Not only did they share their passion and knowledge with their community, but they also managed to raise a spectacular \$225 to donate towards the new home range for Regeus and his pride! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

The Linda Tucker Foundation also delivered 3 certificates to encourage the young LionHearts.

Well done, thank you to everybody who helped, donated or offered their place for the stand.

To read more about the collaboration between Spirit & Nature and the foundation go here.

If you would like to know more and have an introduction in your school contact us.

Spirit & Nature with The Learning Community, Auroville, 2018-2019

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Published on Fri, March 22, 2019 (5 months ago).