In my busy schedule I forgot to share an important news, I graduated as a Practitioner of the 13 Laws of lionhearted Leadership. Soon some programs to come.

Find the ‘LION’ within

Here is what is said about the Academy:

Take effective action in your life, in service of our planet and humanity.

THE PURPOSE of the Academy for Lionhearted Leadership™ is to address the most critically urgent crises of today, including politics, economics, education, religion, culture, value systems and, most fundamentally, sustainability. It does so, however, in an entirely unique heart-centered way. Although focused on modern innovative techniques, the Academy for Lionhearted Leadership™’s methods are founded on the most ancient indigenous knowledge systems, more relevant now than ever before.

THE TRAINING activates LionHeartedness™ to enable future leaders from all walks of life to become powerful agents of change, willing to challenge existing paradigms and champion new approaches to life. To become such a leader, each of us needs to make one simple shift: from an insecure, exploitative, need and greed ‘consumer culture’ to a confident, loving consciousness that holds deep reverence for the sanctity of life and Mother Nature.

- From the Linda Tucker Foundation website

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Published on Fri, June 1, 2018 (2 months ago).