Nature Connection

Celebrating Connection with Nature, an introduction into interspecies communication, in Auroville at Spirit & Nature.

A few of us came spontaneously together on a weekly basis for 2 months and explored the subject through documentaries, study material, hands on games and practices, and talks.

It is scientifically proven that spending time in nature is good for mental and physical health.

When one adds a touch of deeper connection and start to learn how to commune, communicate with animals, trees, flowers intuitively, it brings us in the direction of connecting with our deeper heart, the psychic being.

Testimony by Tania: "I had a very interesting and great time with a small group of women, getting acquainted with "interspecies communication". Aikya shared her heartfelt experiences with us, reached us new ways to practice this communication in a playful, natural, relaxed way, moving with the flow ... I loved it! ❤ And I sure would love to continue meeting. Thank you Aikya for introducing me further into this beautiful way of communication! I feel very grateful to have been part of this group! ❤"

Testimony by Alma: "I learnt to reflect on myself and the essence of who I am. I learnt that practice takes time and that things don’t always have to work out. It’s all fine. Just being has also been a challenge for me and now that I know about it I can work on it. Just like the nature communication. I’m far from connecting, but at least I‘m aware of the fact that it is possible ☺ And I learnt to appreciate these things, they make a difference and are important."

Testimony by Christiane: "I realize now that my intuition is readily available whenever I need it and in whatever way it is being approached."

Image: Kalianda blending in with nature.

We had a good time together discovering our intuitive potentials.

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With Sun light, Aikya

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Published on Mon, March 26, 2018 (4 months ago).