Approaching Creation

my heart beating fast, my heart bursting out,
my heart coming to life,
my heart stretching out to give, my heart remembering far away,
my heart touched by deep tenderness and love,
my heart sighs, my heart fears not, my heart knows the way now,
my heart may cry by times, but is not closed,
flying above the ocean, the fish knowing its deep waters,
flying with the moon and giving a hug to a known or unknown friend,
flying through the galaxy, finding source and being all, Gaia,
flying in my dreams and remembering belonging to all, to you Mother,
flying to exhaustion and always flying again, wings growing stronger day by day,
flying through the night waiting for the Sun to rise,

When, where, how...?


moving between past, future and present,
alternating joy, pain and silence,
between patience and longing and being,
who am i, what is going to happen, what is happening?
all is me...
imaginations, visions, nothing,
words, feelings, pieces of reality,
i explode, implode,
reborn, reborn, reborn...
with bliss and spasm,
with myself, and others...
alive i am this i know


starring eyes,
playful heaven of love,
white light
blue peace

unperturbed you walk
with the scars of little life
on Your noble face
secure in the presence of Grace

high fences
electric guardians
against coward head hunters-lost

oh Gods and Goddesses to BE
now is the time to reverse and soar
and roar lion, roar lions
till the night surrenders into ever-lasting days

enveloped in the blanket of my dreams
i watch the world through your eyes
my heart weeps
with a new strength
of rainbow colors

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Published on Fri, January 5, 2018 (7 months ago).