Sati - When synchronicity is undeniable

"The understanding, compassion, unconditional love and acceptance of animals can help humans move past their boundaries and self imposed restrictions." – Penelope Smith, Animals in spirit, p.130

It was Pradosham, it is a specific window of time that occurs during the day. It is believed that the energy during this time makes it easier to dissolve and release karma.

He was unwell since a while, I could see that life became more difficult, but still we enjoyed some lovely walks together, and he did his duties day by day, guarding and bringing harmony amongst all present. But then, he left on Monday 17 Feb 2019 at 7.48 pm

I bow to you dearest companion.

You were that kind of love one reads of in the books….

"But where is this gathering?

"I don’t know, my little angel"

But do the others know?

"No, they don’t know either"

How can you go to a gathering without

knowing where it is?

"It suffices to walk, just walk.

Those who are invited will find the way"


When I met Sati for the first time, he was a young baby dog fighting for his life. He lost all his hair and tried to survive against all odds. I have seen this again and again in India, but I could not resist him…Everyone had given up, but I didn’t, he didn’t. We spent 14 years of a happy life together!

Now, Sati, my beloved dog companion, decided to leave his body. It was divine timing.

My nephew and his girlfriend had just arrived, first time in India.

It was a celebration to meet these loving young people.

One day earlier, the agreement was made official about my working space. It had been a fierce battle for 2 long years. I built the space with all my love, and now had to give up a big part for bureaucratic reasons. I was totally exhausted also a feeling of victory because of a possible compromise.

And then, just 2 days later Sati gave signs of ultimate fatigue too…

I knew…

I gave myself over to it, and moved in with him…honoring him, while they, Alexis and Rebecca, were taking care of me with delicious dishes, and helped with caring for Sati too.

In these special times of a double let go for me, the workspace and my love-dog, the universe did not let me down.

It was a real meeting, a divine rendez-vous, all equally bound to unconditional service.

14 days of transition- So much love.

My heart was filled with so much gratitude. Again and again I heard him telling me ‘I will do it alone just with my help’. This time I was at Sati’s service while he had been his whole life at mine. He taught me how to transition in peace and with full respect.

In the early morning after Sati died in the eve, in their company… my nephew and his friend left too.

They had been here for 2 weeks- as they had planned….they just came and left in time.

His last resting place

The very kind vet, made this special offering for him!

For 2 days my cat and I sat there praying for his ultimate passage to the dog deva- in Mother’s arms.

I miss him every day but I know he is there somewhere and we will meet again.

And he knew he had done it all…

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Published on Tue, February 19, 2019 (6 months ago).