Stories from World Games

One dreams of miracles when one is young, one wants all wickedness to disappear, everything to be always luminous, beautiful, happy, one likes stories which end happily. This is what one should rely on.

— The Mother

The Dragon and the Phoenix by Yam

There is a dragon and a phoenix. The phoenix is more spiritual and rules the kingdom of fire and has a lot of wisdom. The dragon is more powerful, rules the Kingdom of substance and both energies create the universe and each one needs the other because they balance the world.

Penguin Imhoff by Aloe & Alexandra

This little penguin is called Fred Imhoff. He is a very rich penguin and really likes going on holidays. It is his summer vacation and he wants to go to a really posh beach. He packs all his things. He wants to do some snorkeling. By mistake he doesn’t put on his normal glasses, he puts on his goggles. His goggles make him see things differently and because he doesn’t see well, he reads the ticket wrong.

He reads that he is going to some posh beach but in reality, he is going to a sacred Buddha garden in a remote place in Indonesia. He takes his ticket and he flies. He lands and finds himself on what he thinks is a beach, but it isn’t actually a beach, it is a sacred garden. Then he goes and sees a pool and he jumps in. He is happy, he thinks it is a Jacuzzi. It is actually a magical candle whose flame is never visible, but there is always wax, transparent and moving.

He is feeling hungry so he goes and walks in the garden. There he sees a sh, but it is actually a human dressed in blue, digging in something, so he says: “Attack, gluglgugglug” and eats him clean to the bone. He is so happy. He decides to go, but he is a little bloody so he goes and washes himself. But then, after he dries himself, he falls in love with a duck, quack quack quack. They fall in love, kiss, kiss, kiss, and they live and they have a little son.

Then one day while his son and his wife are sleeping under the mushroom house, he finds a glittery thing: it is his glasses and he puts them on and he feels so depressed; he feels miserable, so he chucks his glasses and puts back his goggles and lives happily ever after under the mushroom house next to the watery candle.

The Penguin by Jasmine & Zohar

It is interesting to note that these two children arrived wearing the same colour T-shirt. Sometimes I notice a certain harmony between the children in the way they dress, very often I notice the children have the same colour of dress as I.

“It was very joyful to be with the children, they were in a high mood. Jasmine and Zohar wrote a story called ‘Penguin’ after having played it out in the sand tray. They want me to put the pictures with it, make it into a book. There were clearly many moments of learning and discovery for Zohar: the discovery of how to make a pond by scooping out the sand, how to use a signboard as a shovel.” — Journal

Here is the story:

Long, long ago there was a tiny town where only 2 people lived. They had only one re, one restaurant and a shoe shop. In this town there was a hidden treasure. Nobody knew where it was hidden. The two people caught penguins to make soup but unfortunately there was only one penguin in this village!

Every time they caught the penguin, it escaped. Soon they became tired of trying to kill it, and decided to keep it as a pet. One day their fire blew out and they decided to search for the treasure hidden in the village. They heard that the hidden treasure was actually a key to a place with fire. They told the penguin to go and search for the treasure. He actually found the key in the back of a statue, but he knew that if he gave it to his owners, they would not let him sit next to the fire, because he is only a pet, who eats fish and stinks.

So instead he opened the door to a land with a tree, with a fire beside it. He made his house in that land and stayed warm for the rest of his life. But he felt sad for his owners. He returned to them to light their small re and then returned home to his big fire. The penguin lived happily ever after yet occasionally he went back to visit them. The end.

The two stories above are taken from the book "Glimpses of Wonder".

Magic by Asia

A magical river which you can only go to in your dreams or in your imagination… because a long time ago people could go there, but one day someone stole something. So that is why you can only go there or in your dreams or in your imagination.

There are lots of magical creatures who live there but the guardian is a ‘very’ magical unicorn. She is very playful and happy, she has a best friend it is also a very playful creature: it is a dolphin a magical one and all of the creatures there are very playful and kind!!!!!!!

Unicorn by Asia & Madu

On the little playful unicorn’s birthday she was celebrating by having a big reunion with most of the fairies and animal and all the creatures of the land she was called pearl. Everyone brought beautiful presents for her: diamonds crystals and the little baby bunnies got her a pearl, they gave it to her and giggled.

The unicorn loved all her gifts. Then the queen of the land arrived, she gave the unicorn one wish: the unicorn wished that all the fairies, elves, animals, mermaids, people and even the goblins and ogres were happyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crystal Maiden by Pia

Once upon a time there was a land of crystal and the crystal queen and 4 crystal princesses. In the land there is a lotus in the middle and 6 big crystals around it. And around each crystal there are a lots of different stones and shells. In the middle of the lotus that’s where the baby crystal is being born. There is some soft stuff and on the soft stuff there is a baby tiny crystal.

On the petals of the lotus there are 6 other baby crystals. All the crystals, fairies and shells are watching the baby being born. The queen is on a big piece of wood right above the baby and she has her magical crystal pyramid in front of her and she is helping the baby to be born.

Once the baby is born she will have to find a place the stay, she does not know where she should be staying, she is still thinking. A swan is coming to her to give her a magical shell. She took the shell. The shell will help her to find her place. She is a very special baby. She chooses where she should go, she wants to live with the queen, so the queen took her to her magical palace and they all lived happily.

The End.

Philosophy of Life by Yam

The sandbox is the personality and it’s path of life. There are different parts in this World Game:

  • Swans are the peaceful side.
  • Lizard and scorpion are energetic, they are not bad but a different part of the individuality.
  • In the center there is death, it is not bad here, it is like everything leads there.
  • Castle: sometime one is closed to the world ( fortress around the heart), because most of our feelings we keep inside. Also one feels big in the world, and sometimes one sees how huge the world is, the small farm house symbolizes being small and seeing the world big.
  • The guardian is leading the heart and keeps bad things from our heart, it is also intuition and courage.
  • The food represents that you can enjoy life.

The White Knight and the Dark Lord by Yam and Milo

The white Knight in combat with the dark Lord. The dark Lord is in the old kingdom’s ruins trying to get the treasure even though he has enough. Two statue dogs - that can turn into real dogs - are furious and fighting against the white lion and white tigers.

The unicorn is guarding the white knight treasure. The black Lord’s snake is curled around a lava stone which got created after the Kingdom fell to ruins at the last combat 20,000 years ago, by the unicorn spitting fire on it .

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