The Forest is a Mysterious Place

Auroville grew out of a barren plateau, all the trees were planted by early pioneers. Now we enjoy a young forest.

And, sometimes kids come to the forest…

Five girls made a mysterious wild horse - symbol of true power. Even with rains the beautiful horse stayed strong in the middle of the mysterious forest…

In this forest you might see varans, turtles, rabbits, mongooses, lizards, snakes, scorpios, frogs, many beautiful birds, peacocks every now and then, owls, civet cats, many squirrels and the occasional deer and wild pig.

Anusuya is a small forest community in Auroville’s greenbelt area and is the home of Spirit and Nature Learning Center. The place, called Anusuya, although small and close to the city center, has much natural beauty and is still partially wild. We are living off grid.

Living in the forest demands a dedicated work. Beside planting, protecting, maintaining, there is also the joy of consciously connecting to all.

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Published on Thu, January 11, 2018 (7 months ago).