Vision Game

Why are we here in this Universe, on this Earth?
A question to which many answers were given...
But for each of us, what does it mean?

Which world does my heart yearn for, which secret- sacred gift do I carry?
Finding the answer is like praying…entering a state of receptivity.

Look far in front…Your life is your canvas, what do you paint on it?
Sink into the deep landscape of your heart and let it lead you…

  • It is about coming in touch or having glimpses of that part in ourselves which knows what to do.
  • It is about following our deeper dreams and building a life of wonder.

March 2018

We recently came together with a few people, each made their world. Find here what some say about it:

Testimony, A.

'I learned a lot. I learned to reflect on myself and to give a meaning to the actions I do. Because sometimes I tend to do actions not knowing why. I learned to go deeper and look at the past and the future at the same time. It was a brightening experience to be able to see what you’re up to and what you need and are.'

The importance of bees and lions!

‘the Ganesh in our house remembered me always of India and finally I came here…’

‘How wonderful it would be to have a world where money is not the sovereign Lord, and so it get dugged under the sand as something from the past.’

and what will come next…

Testimony, T.

'We did a short vision game (1/2day) and for me that was a first introduction. I really liked it. Aikya is very well equipped for this and she has lots of material. It was nice to feel like a child again and explore and go with the flow. Thanks Aikya for introducing me to vision games! 😍'

'I realized half through setting up the vision game, that I was basically now working on living that dream! On changing my life into what I was setting up.'

Testimony, C.

'I was surprised how instantaneous my concentration was, even though my work requires a lot of concentration every day, it seems that at that moment I really needed this kind of outlet for my imagination, it felt like some kind of release. The whole thing continued afterwards, even though I don’t remember my dreams I know that some of these figures came alive in my dreams. As a result, the next few days were about integrating the new information into the work I’m doing with Mother’s symbol.'

K.’s deep felt creation

If you would like to make a vision game with a little group, contact me.

For the moment I take up to 6 people and minimum 3.

½ day short version or full day long version.

'If you ask the trees: Why are you here trees? They know: ‘We are the blankets, we are the manure, the medicine for animals, for humans…'
'If you ask the same question to Humans, they do not know how to answer that question.' – Mandaza

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Published on Sun, June 3, 2018 (2 months ago).